Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Erik Johnson Joins the St Louis Blues

Erik Johnson was one of the best defenseman that Don Lucia has ever coached, Lucia said. And now that he is leaving for the St. Louis Blues for the 2007-08 NHL season, the Gophers defenseman will have to step up their skating for the Gophers. Johnson was noticed by NHL scouts for his six-feet, four-inch, 222-pound frame and the fact that he contributed as a true freshman for one of the best college hockey programs in the country. Although Johnson only had four goals on the season, he did compile 20 assists on some truly dazzling passes up the ice to streaking forwards. Johnson's contract deal is going to pay him somewhere in the neighborhood of $765,000 a year over three years. Other Gopher defensemen Alex Goligoski and Mike Vannelli are both likely to leave, Goligoski early and Vannelli graduating. If Goligoski leaves, the Gophers will have lost their top three scoring defensemen, forcing other defensemen like Derek Peltier to skate more minutes. Gopher Girl is looking forward to seeing Erik Johnson skating at the Xcel Energy Center in the near future!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

TV Network will Help Recruiting

I was reading Gopher Basketball Tickets .com and Gopher Basketball Guy makes a very good point about the birth of the Big Ten Network and it’s ability to help with the recruiting of athletes to the University of Minnesota. There has been a lot of hype about this Big Ten Network and I wasn’t sure I really got how important it was until I read Gopher Basketball Guy’s article. The network definitely adds recruiting leverage. I am sure Tubby Smith will use it to get star players into Williams Arena! Go Gophers!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Brewster Finalizes Contract

The official numbers are in for Minnesota Gopher Football Coach Tim Brewster. With Brewsters official contract, he could earn up to $1.7 million each year. Brewster originally agreed to a deal in January when he was hired, but it wasn't finalized until earlier this month when he signed a five-year deal that will pay him an annual base salary of $1 million, including $200,000 in deferred money. He also could make a possible $700,000 in bonuses, for feats such as winning Big Ten titles, appearing in B.C.S. bowl games and high scores by his team on the NCAA's Academic Progress Report. That is a lot of money for a coaching newbie, but if Tim Brewster does what he says he is going to do, the University will consider it money well spent. Let’s hope the University of Minnesota Gopher Football Program turns around as quickly as Tim Brewster collects his paycheck.

Gopher Girl is curious what the numbers will be for new University of Minnesota men's basketball coach Tubby Smith who has yet to finalize his official contract. I am sure Tubby isn’t a cheap hire and I hope Brewster doesn’t have any hurt feelings when Tubby’s salary hits the news. Gopher Girl will keep you posted!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Saul Smith to join Gopher Basektball

I was reading on Gopher Basket Ball Tickets .com that Tubby Smiths son, Saul, has been named as assistant coach for the Golden Gophers Basketball team. I know Gophers fans will welcome Saul with all the same enthusiasm that they welcomed Tubby with. Gopher Girl thinks it will be cool to have the father son duo. The two should add plenty of excitement to Williams Arena court and I can’t wait for the first tip off! Go Gophers Go!

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