Friday, January 30, 2009

Gopher Hockey Weekend

Big Gopher Hockey weekend match-up! Gophers vs. Minnesota State Mankato Mavericks in a home and away series or do you call it an away and home series since they play the away game first? Whatever.

Tonight the Gophers are in Mankato and Saturday night they are at Mariucci Arena. I can’t make the game, but I will be watching on FSN (thank God for cable).

I went to the Gophers game two weeks ago when they played St Cloud State and all I have to say is that Ryan Stoa is enormous.

How about that Gopher Basketball game last night?

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Gopher Football Predictions

I am glad that all of my talk about Gopher football has spawned others to start thinking about next season – I know it’s a long way off, but I just can’t help it – I love Gopher football and hockey and basketball – in that order. Even though the Gopher Basketball team is on fire right now and one of the best teams we have had since the Clem Haskins era (remember we aren’t allowed to talk or count those games) – I still prefer football.

I predicted a 7 win Gopher Football Season in 2009. Blogger H*Dizzle said:

h*dizzle said...
ps i thnk we'll be better than seven wins. we will have decker back.and weber if he doesnt get beat out by marquies gray..omg we have depth at QB!

I agree we have depth at QB, but with only ONE RECEIVER (plus, I heard a vicious rumor that Eric Decker may not even play next year because he doesn’t want to ruin his baseball career with another injury – he is amazing at baseball, too.) and a poor running game, I don’t see the Gopher offense putting that many points on the board and the Gopher defense is still going to be mediocre – we need bigger guys. I hope Brewster can convince one or two big players to sign for defense or even transfer from a junior college.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Gopher Football Schedule

Oh yeah, the 2009 Gopher Football Schedule is out – you can check it out on this Gopher Football tickets web site…no tickets for sale yet. I don’t even think they have the TCF Bank Stadium sections named yet (100, 101, 200, 201, 300, 301 etc. etc.). My hubby keeps asking me when the Gopher vs. Air Force tickets go on sale. We want to go to that game soooo bad! I think he may take a day off work and go wait in line at the Gopher ticket office when the single game tickets go on sale. I wish I could afford to be a season ticket holder… I should have married for money.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Gopher Football Outlook

National does an early college football preview – check out their take on the Gophers…don’t want to read the article? Here are the top points:

“Brewster would be well advised to stick around in Minneapolis for this third season, especially with 19 starters back in the fold.”

“Closing the season the way Minnesota did should not put a major damper on things to come. They are still taking small steps, and the next ones may be good enough for a possible nine-win season.”

I agree that a nine win season could be possible next year, but we have to see major, MAJOR improvements in the running game (our key running backs will be one year older, but is that major major?) and better defense. I am actually going to predict another 7 win season – we play a lot of tough Big 10 road games next year (Penn State, Ohio State, Iowa – we can’t even beat these teams at home)!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Gopher Hockey Rocks my World

Last Friday night I went to the Gopher hockey game at Mariucci Arena. The Gophers pounded the St Cloud State Huskies 5-1 -the game rocked! I actually took some pictures. I will post them soon. I just want to say that Ryan Stoa is enormous!

Gopher Hockey has this weekend off (insert sad face here) – My new quest: I have got to get tickets to the Saturday January 31st game against Minnesota State Mankato. I love WCHA rivalry and Minnesota college hockey at its best.

BTW, since the Gophers scored five goals last Friday, I redeemed my ticket stub at Culvers and a got a *FREE* scoop of ice cream (it was tiny, but free and I relived every great goal as I licked it down). What a great promotion – I love ice cream, I love Gopher hockey.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Gopher Basketball Poll

I love to participate in on-line polls (I think it may be an addiction) – here is one I thought was interesting regarding the Gopher Basketball team and their upcoming game against Big Ten higher-ranked rival Purdue:

Which ranked men's basketball team wins on Thursday night? (tonight!)

No. 21 Minnesota wins by 10+: 17%

No. 18 Purdue wins by 10+: 05%

No. 18 Purdue wins by less than 10: 12%

No. 21 Minnesota wins by less than 10: 66%

Guess which choice Gopher Gal picked? I went with the masses and picked Minnesota by less than 10! GOOOOO GOPHERS!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Upcoming Gopher Games

There are a lot of good upcoming Gopher games. I regularly check-out the Gopher Schedule on this Gophers Hockey Tickets site. The have tickets to all of the hot Gopher games (not just hockey), but most of all I like this Minnesota Golden Gophers Schedule page that shows all the events in one spot – list style, my favorite way to view anything.

I am planning to attend the Minnesota Gophers Mankato Mavericks hockey game on Saturday January 31st at Mariucci Arena. I would also like to see the Gopher mens basketball team soon – I would like to attend the Gophers Purdue Boilermakers game on Thursday January 22nd at Williams Arena, but I have conferences so I am going to try and make it to the Thursday January 29th game at The Barn vs. the Fighting Illini – really the opponent is not that important to me, I just like to see the Gophers in action - there is NO SUBSTITIUTE for live games! Agree?

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Best Gopher Advice

The best advice I have personally received in awhile came via comment on my Gopher blog – here it is:

“ That sucks about the mittens. You should just go get yourself a pair of mittens to make up for it. And a scarf to match. :) ”

I am going to do that this weekend! Expect to see Gopher gal sporting her new Gopher mittens and scarf around town next week. Gooo Gophers!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Gopher Recap because I am back

Gopher Gal was Missing In Action . . . and a lot of action I missed! But I AM BAAAACK (in my best Terminator voice)

The Gopher Football team let me down on New Years Eve with the depressing loss to Kansas. I was so pumped in the first quarter when the teams looked evenly matched, but things turned ugly fast and the Gophers just weren’t able to contend. Two new Gopher football coordinators next year might help. We need to work a bit more on a spread run offense to keep EDeck (Eric Decker for the not so casual fan) from being double covered every play. When you have no running game, the defense just backs up and gets ready to intercept and cover receivers deep. Poor EDeck can only do so much with two bodies and four arms all over him.

Gopher Hockey continues to delight me. I read my blogging friend Cortney over at Style and Sports went to a Gopher Hockey game last weekend. I am jealous. I think she should hook her cousin Clay and I up – he loves hockey and so do I (oh yeah, I am married, but who knows for how much longer, a girl has to have options)

Gopher Basketball is exciting as ever. I watched the Saturday game vs. Ohio State Buckeyes and the Gophers totally rocked. I even bought my dad a Tubby Time t-shirt, he will be so excited. He loves the Gophers as much as I do, I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

BTW – I didn’t get any of the Gopher gifts I wanted – I hate to sound like such a snob, but I threw a fit over the mittens – I really wanted those! Husbands Suck!

What would you like to see more of on this blog?