Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Gopher vs Sioux Train Wreck

It has taken me a few days to calm down over last weekends sweep by the North Dakota Fighting Sioux. Both Friday and Saturday night games were a total and complete train wreck. The Gophers have not been swept by the Sioux at home in 26 years . . . why now? I cried out, why? I knew I would have to address it in my blog since I so boisterously bragged about the Gopher Hockey team in the last few posts.

Let's break it down - the Sioux played really really aggressive and the Gophers couldn't stand up to:
a) the North Dakota speed
b) the North Dakota checking or
c) the Sioux shooting

the answer is d) all of the above! The goal tending by the Gophers was some of the worst I have seen this year. I think Lucia was dumb founded by the lack of goal tending enthusiasm and talent - he tried to switch it up by giving both Briggs and Frazee some ice time, but nothing seemed to help. The Gophers were out shot, out defended and out played.

The Golden Gophers head back on the road next weekend for a two-game series at Alaska Anchorage on Friday-Saturday, Feb. 2-3. Both games begin at 10:07 p.m., Central time and will not be televised - can you believe it? NOT TELEVISED...I hope my local news stations don't let me down! I need to see some good plays on sports wrap to replace the images of the Sioux trampling the Gophs that keep circling in my head.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Gophers Football Coaching Staff

I am so excited about the new Golden Gopher Football coaching staff. I know Brewster is quite a talker, but I really believe him when he says he has hired a top notch DYNAMIC staff. Here are a few of the key new hires:

Mike Dunbar (Assistant Head Coach/Offensive Coordinator)
Everett Withers (Defensive Coordinator)
Daniel Berezowitz (Recruiting Coordinator)
John Butler (Linebackers/Special Teams)
George McDonald (Wide Receivers)
Phil Meyer (Offensive Line)
Randy Taylor (Director of Football Operations)

Brewster said in an interview, “I couldn’t be more excited that we have been able to put together top coaches and recruiters throughout the country on this staff. I say that with confidence because I know these guys personally and they are proven in their profession. This staff will work harder than any in the nation. This a special day for the Gopher Nation and all its fans.”

Gopher Gal likes Mike Dunbar the best - he is known for putting big points on the board and for a strong pass offense. It will be nice to see some up and down the field plays. There is nothing sweeter than seeing a spiraling pigskin land solidly in a Gopher Wide Receivers hands. I am looking forward to the season and looking forward to being a part of the "Brew Crew." Let's go Gophers! This could be a year where I get to wear my Maroon and Gold more than once (-:

Gophers Womens Basketball

OK, I never thought I would write a post about the Golden Gopher Womens Basketball team, but I actually watched the game last night and I was totally glued to my TV screen. The Gophers took on the Iowa Hawkeyes and the end of the game was a definite nail biter. I missed the first half because let's face it - I didn't actually plan on watching the game - I stumbled on it. The Gophers star Kelly Roysland suffered a shoulder injury that could be detrimental to the teams future this year, but for the Iowa game it just added a little excitement.

The Gophers had a 20 point lead over the Hawkeyes and blew it in the second half. Iowa came on strong, but the Gophers never gave up. It ended up going into overtime and the Gophers squeaked by with a win. I thought the little blondie Kellie Fox played a good game - even though she missed a critical free throw point! I must admit I couldn't turn the channel until the final buzzer sounded. There were only a few people in the stands, but next time the Gophers are playing at home, I am definitely going to try and get a seat - here is a list of the remaining home games for 2007:

Thursday February 1st vs. Purdue
Thursday February 8th vs. Ohio State
Sunday February 11th vs. Indiana
Thursday February 22nd vs. Michigan

Tickets are rather inexpensive and you can get good Golden Gopher Tickets to every game; so my advice is to pick a game and just go! It will be a fun night out on the town. You could bring your kids or your buddies. Want a cool place to eat? Go to Annies in Dinkytown - they have the best burgers and malts and they aren't paying me to say that!

Let's Go Gophers Women!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Gopher vs Sioux

I am so pumped for this weekends match-up between the Golden Gopher Mens Hockey Team vs. the University of North Dakota Fighting Sioux!!! The Sioux have become big rivals of the Gophers in last few years and this border battle at home ice should be a doozey!

The top-ranked and WCHA-leading Golden Gophers are hoping to win this series against intrastate rival and 15th-ranked North Dakota. Games are on Friday and Saturday, January 26 and 27, at Mariucci Arena. Both games face off at 7:07 p.m., and will be televised on FSN North. I will have to watch it on TV since I don't have season tickets and I am too cheap to buy Gophers Tickets from a ticket broker. You can get tickets from this site Gopher Hockey Tickets , but they aren't cheap - then again neither is my cable bill!

Here are some interesting facts I found on (that is the best site for Gopher Sports info - well, besides MY blog, of course):

Minnesota has faced UND more times (263) than any other opponent.

Last season, the Maroon and Gold went 3-1-0 vs. North Dakota, sweeping the series in Grand Forks and splitting at Mariucci Arena.

Nine of the last 11 games in the series have been decided by two or fewer goals.

Minnesota has not swept North Dakota at home in the regular season since Nov. 8-9, 1997. (this factoid scares me a little because I am really hope for a big sweep!)

Let's Go Gophers!!!!! and I am sooo sick of hearing the political correctness junk about the Fighting Sioux and their name and mascot etc. Get over it and Let's Play Hockey!

Gopher Hockey / Badger Split

I love all Gopher Sports, but let's face it Gopher Hockey is my favorite. This weekends match-up between the Golden Gophers and the North Dakota Fighting Sioux should be some of the best hockey of the year! But let's look back a moment because I missed the chance to blog about the Badger game which is always one of my favorites. I love a good border battle!

The last two series the Gophers have split, much to my dismay. The match-up two weekends ago between the Gophers and the Wisconsin Badgers was a classic. I was certain the Gophers could have won both games with a little more perseverance, but those Badger fans sure get rowdy! And with over 15,000 of them it looked like a sea of angry red at the Kohl Center. It was nice to see the Gophers skate well and when Brian Schack scored the first Gopher goal Friday night, I really thought the Gophers were a shoe in to win. The Wisconsin goalie really turned it up and shut the Gophers down periods 2 and 3 and let's face it the penalties killed us. Both of the Wisconsin's goals came from Power Plays!!!! Come on Gophers, we need to learn to kill the power plays or stop getting penalties (-:

Saturday's game was much better and the Gophers came away with a BIG W!!! Goalie Jeff Frazee earned his third career shutout and the one goal by Jim O'Brien was enough to win the game. Frazee turned away 24 shots from the Badgers to push Minnesota's lead in the WCHA standings to seven points over Colorado College, Denver and St. Cloud State. The Gophers have maintained an undefeated series record this season and I am so proud of them for that! Let's Go Gophers!!!

Here are a couple of interesting facts I found on

• The Golden Gophers lead the all-time series against Wisconsin with a 147-78-15 record, including a 55-48-10 mark on the road.

• Wisconsin has not swept Minnesota at the Kohl Center since Nov. 12-13, 1999.

• The last nine games in the series in Madison have been decided by two goals or less.

• The Golden Gophers have not been swept since Dec. 2-3, 2005, vs. Wisconsin, and have not been swept on the road since Feb. 27-28, 2004, at Denver.

• Minnesota has not been shut out in 26 games - the longest streak in the WCHA.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Gopher Football Mania

Welcome Tim Brewster. It is such a pleasant change to have the head coach of the Minnesota Golden Gophers Football team beaming with confidence. Gone are the days of Glen Mason and his smug, negative and defeatist attitude. I am going to rush out and snap up a pair of Golden Gophers Football season tickets. I don’t want to miss the opportunity to be a part of the Gophers rise to national football prominence.

I can already see it; I will be sitting outdoor on a crisp fall day at the TCF Bank Stadium watching my beloved Gophers spank the Wisconsin Badgers on their way to a Big Ten title. I can hardly wait. I had my doubts about this Brewster guy, but I thought his answers at the press conference were solid and his attitude is so darn contagious! I love the positive outlook and the enthusiasm. Go Gophers Go! Go Brewster Go!

I also love the new found dedication to Minnesota High School Football. I am a Minnesota High School Football fanatic! I watch at least 10 games outside in the cold every year. I have seen great players cross the Minnesota fields and I would love to see more of those players in Gopher maroon and gold...just in case anyone is wondering, Ben Utecht is my favorite high school football player turned Gopher turned Indianapolis Colt. Let's win a superbowl ring for our hometown, Hastings, Benny!

Minnesota Gopher Fan

Ok, so I am starting a blog about the Minnesota Golden Gophers because:

#1. I am a University of Minnesota Alum (I didn't make it to graduation, but I did try!)
#2. I love the Gophers especially Hockey and Football
#3. I have caught the blogging bug!

Stay tuned for more news and updates regarding the Minnesota Golden Gophers!!!

What would you like to see more of on this blog?