Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Gopher Hockey Player Ryan Stoa joins Colorado Avalanche

Remember my Ryan Stoa is huge blog comment? I should have known then that he would go pro. If you didn’t know already, gopher hockey captain Ryan Stoa signed with the Colorado Avalanche and will not be returning to the Gopher roster next season. How depressing. Not for him, but for Gopher hockey fans. He was a lot of fun to watch and he is about the only player I knew wouldn’t get pushed around on the ice.

He signed for the maximum amount and I don’t blame him for leaving. I wish him the best of luck, but that doesn’t mean I will be cheering for the Colorado Avalanche any time soon - oh no, the Minnesota Wild are still #1 in my NHL heart.

Thanks h-dizz for the “Stay Strong” comment. I will do my best. I am on vacay the rest of the week. I need it.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Its not good to be a Gopher

I am still depressed. It doesn’t feel so good to be bleeding maroon and gold right now. The Gopher Basketball team kept it real, but just couldn’t stop the threes of the Longhorns.

The Gopher hockey team on the other hand was a total letdown. They deserve to be left out of the NCAA tournament – even though I cried about it. The team played terribly in the Final Five tournament, but really had been playing poorly for months (if you need proof just read my blog posts about Gopher hockey making me cry). The Gopher hockey team was a rollercoaster plagued with a lot of mental mistakes that cost them game after game.

I am starting to wonder if Don Lucia is still “our” guy.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

It feels Good to be a Gopher

Today, it feels good to be a Gopher. We got to wear our Gopher gear to work today and I feel like my heart is overflowing with maroon and gold pride. The anticipation of tonights basketball game has me giddy PLUS the Gopher hockey team is playing Minnesota Duluth Bulldogs over at the Xcel Energy Center and that has me pumped up, too.

The tough question is, “Will I feel this good tomorrow?”

I hope so. Go Gophers! Go!

I will be glued to the TV tonight! And flipping back and forth like crazy. It’s going to be intense.

Gopher Mens Basketball CBS 6:10pm (channel 4 at my house)

Gopher Mens Hockey FSN 7:07pm (channel 27 at my house)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Gopher Basketball Reigns

Gopher Nation is ready to DANCE.

Gopher Mens Basketball Ready for Texas in NCAA Tournament! Go Gophers! Random Stats from the Gophers site.

Gopher Womens Basketball Ready for Notre Dame in NCAA Tournament. Go Lady Gophers! Random Gopher Girl Bball Stats from the Gophers site.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Gopher Hockey Playoff Details

After losing last Friday night to Michigan Tech, Gopher Gal was certain that the Gopher hockey team was doomed for home ice in the first round of the playoffs, but the college hockey gods were merciful and BOTH St Cloud State and UMD lost Friday night as well, giving the Gophers one FINAL chance to advance. Thankfully, the Gophers beat Michigan Tech 2-0 on Saturday night (the Gophs always do better on Saturday night – always! I wish games would only be played on Saturday nights – LOL!). The win gave the Gophers home ice this weekend against St Cloud State.

It will be a best of three series at Mariucci Arena starting tonight – let’s hope the Gophers take care of business early. A berth in the WCHA Final Five is at stake.

Since I have NO money – I will be watching on TV this weekend, FSN on Friday and Sunday and FSN Plus on Saturday – I hope I can find that channel on the remote. I read that Comcast will be carrying it, but I don’t know the channel number!

The Gopher girls hockey team does not get enough media coverage. They are amazing and I hardly ever hear about them! The girls play this weekend at Ridder Arena in NCAA quarterfinals. I hope they win!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Gopher Basketball Big 10 Update

OK, so we lost to Michigan Wolverines (AT HOME!) last Saturday afternoon and basically blew any chance at making the big dance - right? Well, maybe we still have a chance. I have seen so many conflicting predictions, it’s ridiculous. Some say we are in, some say we are out. I think if the Gophers perform well in the Big Ten Tournament (like win it?!?! – improbable, I know) the Basketball "Powers That Be" will be forced to put us on “the list.”

Gophers are playing Northwestern right now (quick, flip to the Big Ten Network) – so far, so good! It’s hard to decide what to watch – Gopher Basketball or Minnesota State High School Hockey! I love TOURNEY TIME!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Gopher Basketball Makes Me Smile (Again!)

There is nothing better than beating the Wisconsin Badgers in basketball…except when you beat them twice! I can’t believe I didn’t write about this yesterday, but Wednesday night the Golden Gopher mens basketball team beat the Wisconsin Badgers at The Barn 51-46. The Gophers dominated the first half, but looked a little shaky at the start of the second. Once again Lawrence Westbrook stepped up to the plate and led the Gopher team over the Badgers. It was really sweet to beat the Badgers in Wisconsin a few weeks back, but this win in front of the roaring Barnyard was totally amazing. I couldn’t afford Gopher Basketball Tickets so I watched the game from my sofa – well, mostly I was jumping up and down because the game was so emotional!

This is the first time the Gophers have swept the Badgers since the 1991-1992 season and man it feels good!

Another Gopher Basketball home game on Saturday vs. Michigan Wolverines – Gophers gotta win! It’s an 11am tip-off – sadly, Gopher Gal has an all day Saturday conference, but you can bet I will be sneaking to the car during breaks to listen in on the score!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Gopher Hockey Hangs On

The Gopher Hockey teams post season hopes are still alive – although I am not sure they even deserve to be in the playoffs based off their performances lately.

Thankfully, the Gophers beat Minnesota Duluth Bulldogs Saturday night at Mariucci Arena. It was the last regular season home game and after the first two periods of play, I was starting to dread another loss. The Gophers managed to pull it together and come back from behind and win. (insert sigh of relief here) The win puts the Gophers in fifth in the WCHA Standings and IF the Gophers can win BOTH games at Michigan Tech this weekend, they will be able to secure home ice advantage for the first round of the WCHA Playoffs.

If the Gophers don’t win both games at Michigan Tech, they for sure don’t deserve any playoff breaks. Michigan Tech is at the bottom of the WCHA Standings and the Gophers (on paper any way) are a much better team. Gophers vs. Michigan Tech Huskies this Friday and Saturday on FSN 6:07pm both nights – tune in!

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