Thursday, May 31, 2012

Target Field will host Big Ten baseball tournament

Siebert Field is currently falling apart, as we found out last week. There's not enough funding currently to create a new stadium that would be able to host a tournament. So the Golden Gophers will be hosting the 2013 Big Ten baseball tournament at Target Field, marking the first time the Big Ten has played a tournament in an Major League Baseball stadium.

Hosting the tournament at Target Field would put it right in the heart of Minneapolis - which could be a huge draw for Big Ten fans. After all, getting to see your favorite team in one of the most artistic cities? Why wouldn't you go? Plus, Target Field is such a spectacular facility, and one that the Gophers have played games in before, including 11 games in 2011 when the Metrodome collapsed.

Still, Target Field will be deemed neutral territory - the first neutral territory outside of Columbus, Ohio. Does this mean the Big Ten tournament will return to Minneapolis in the coming years? It's possible and I certainly hope it will!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Gophers' Womens Soccer says good bye to Mikki Denney Wright

Last week, Gophers' coach, Mikki Denney Wright, resigned from her job coaching women's soccer. For many, this was a major surprise. After all, why would a coach who made it to a college level simply resign at 37? She'd coached the team to a NCAA championship her first year and the team has won 70% of games in ithe past four years, she's done a fantastic job. Wright says it was simple - her two kids.

Wright coached soccer at the University of Minnesota for four years, devoting her life to coaching. She says she originally planned to both coach and raise kids, but it just wasn't working, so she decided her priority was her kids, not her team. Can't blame her for that, so let's just hope her replacement is as good as she is.

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