Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Gopher Football Spring Game

Well, Gopher Gal didn’t make it to the Minnesota Gophers Spring game this year, but I read about it in the paper, yes I still get the paper delivered! Quarterback Adam Weber did a good job leading his maroon team to a 14-0 victory, but the paper gave extra kudos to the Gopher defense for looking strong. An interception by one-time wide receiver and current defensive back Harold Howell in the third quarter really got the Metrodome crowd going.

The Gophers have participated in the maximum amount of full contact practices (I love saying full contact) allotted by NCAA rules this spring so I guess we will have to wait until fall to see more of the Golden Gopher football team in action!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Gophers Football Team gets a Makeover

Really, the Golden Gopher football team has been in process of a makeover for over a year. With a new enthusiastic coach (Gopher Gal loves enthusiasm, but we better have the goods to back-up the promises) and new plays and new players. Now, the Gopher Football squad has a new uniform look, too. When I saw the boys on the news last night, I just had to laugh. They did not look very comfortable standing there in the uniforms at the press conference. I was wondering how Coach Brewster decided who would have to play super model for the day. Was it a short straw draw or a slowest lap punishment or a missed tackle percentage that got each of these guys to model their new clothes.

The new Gopher uniforms, made by Nike, feature maroon and white jerseys that can be matched with three different pant combinations - maroon, gold and white. The Gophers haven’t worn white pants since their last Big Ten Conference championship season in 1967. "Minnesota" also returns to the front of the Gopher jersey for the time since 1993.

Perhaps the uniform change will be the lucky charm we need to make it to the Rose Bowl this year? Come on, be real. We need talent and good play calling. I about cracked up when Tim Brewster said the new uniforms will make the team faster. I fully support the power of positive thinking, but let’s face it, those rose colored glasses (Rose Bowl pun intended, but if I have to point that out I guess it isn’t that clever, is it?) won’t get the job done

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Gopher Football Spring Game

Gopher Football Spring Game
Friday, April 25th, 2008
Metrodome Kickoff at 7 p.m.
Free Admission!

The University of Minnesota Golden Gophers will be taking the Metrodome turf for the first time this season in their annual Spring Game on Friday April 25th. Kick-off is at 7pm, but the fun starts at 5pm with events on the Metrodome plaza. I went last year and had a blast. The pep band and the cheerleaders will all be out and it’s just a good feeling to start thinking about Gopher Football! Don’t get me wrong I don’t want to rush through summer, but really August 30th isn’t that far away! Let’s go Gophers!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Gophers get ready to say good-bye to the Metrodome

I am sure this will be an emotional Gopher football season as the team and the fans say good-bye to the HHH Metrodome and hello to a brand new outdoor stadium on the University campus. I also hope the season will be emotional enough to fight for a winning record or at the very least a .500 record. The gopher football team should want to leave the Metrodome in style. I know Gopher football fans will be more interested in seeing the final games at the Metrodome if the Gopher team is actually competitive this year. I know I want to go to a couple of games, but it will be interesting if Gopher Football Ticket prices will be high since it is the last season at the Dome or if they will drop because the team hasn’t given the fans much to cheer about.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Gophers Spring Practice Under the Clear Blue Sky

We have finally had some nice Minnesota weather and it is about time! It’s the middle of April for crying out loud. The snow and the cold are turning Gopher Gal into a bitter woman! But, yesterday it was 65 in my neighborhood and although it was a bit breezy, it actually felt like spring. The Gopher football team even practiced outside! They have had to practice the past 8 sessions indoors thanks to Mother Nature. Last year, I think those Gopher boys practiced outdoors their first week of spring workouts.

I am sure getting outside put some fire in their souls and some thoughts to the future of playing every game outdoors at TCF Bank Stadium. I am very excited to open the new Gopher Football stadium, but part of me will be sadly sentimental at saying good-bye to the Dome – nah, who am I kidding? Bring on the new digs!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Gopher Hockey signs Aaron Ness

The Gopher hockey team received its letter of intent from Roseau defenseman Aaron Ness this week and this Gopher Gal is excited to hear it! Ness is a Minnesota hockey star and I will be proud to see him in the maroon and gold. I may just order myself a Gopher Ness jersey! Aaron Ness knows how to win and he knows how to skate. He has great puck handling and earned his Mr. Hockey award. Welcome to the University of Minnesota, Aaron Ness, Welcome!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Gopher Goalie Jeff Frazee goes Pro

The Gopher hockey team officially lost a member to the NHL this week, Gopher goalie Jeff Frazee. The New Jersey Devils had signed him in 2005 and Frazee sees his time in the minors as his only way to play next year. Gopher Gal respects his decision and wishes him the best of luck. Jeff Frazee was expected to be the number one goalie with the Gophers this past season, but he started out rocky and freshman Alex Kangas swooped in and earned the job…I was going to say stole the job, but Kangas didn't just take it away, he proved himself and earned the starting nod game after game. Alex Kangas is the man and Coach Don Lucia will be counting on him for success in the WCHA and NCAA tourney next season.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Gopher Football Schedule

The University of Minnesota Golden Gopher football schedule has been released and I have to say I am looking forward to heading to the Metrodome for the last Gopher football season played there. I know the Gophers will win more than one game this year, I just know. I am planning on going to Gophers Indiana game and the Gophers Iowa game for sure. I think that Gopher Football Tickets will be extra special this year since it is the farewell HHH Metrodome season.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Gopher Gal loves her Golden Gopher Blog

Gopher Gal has been on hiatus and hasn’t posted as many articles on her Minnesota Gophers blog as she used to and google sure didn’t approve. I seem my page rank has fallen from a 4 to a 2. That is so sad. Damn Google! This is still a quality Minnesota Gopher site, I just got busy with work and the family. I am still a dedicated gopher fan. I still watch the games with the same intensity as when my site was ranked a 4. Come on google, rank me!

What would you like to see more of on this blog?