Thursday, October 30, 2008

Upcoming Gopher Games – BIG WEEKEND

While I was blabbering on about my Gophers Blog purpose yesterday, I forgot to mention there are huge Gopher games going on this weekend! #1 HOMECOMING – I love homecoming, what girl doesn’t. Memories of fun football games and fancy dresses, dreams of a tiaras and your name being called out as queen – ok, back to reality. The Gophers are playing Northwestern at the Dome on Saturday at 11am …. I looked over on Gopher Football Tickets (once they published one of my articles, I gotta give them props) and they have Gopher tickets for like $80 each – wow, that’s a little out of my range. I will probably just join some buddies at the tavern and watch the game in my favorite bright yellow "Let your Gopher Out" t-shirt.

Gopher Hockey is also in town this weekend, playing Friday night at Mariucci Arena against in state rival Minnesota State Mankato Mavericks (that has got to be the longest college name ever) and then the Gophers hockey team partakes in the WCHA Minnesota College Hockey Showcase event at the Xcel Energy Center on Saturday night. I may try to make it over to St Paul Saturday. Anyway, keep the Gopher gear handy, you will need it this weekend!

Goooo Gophers!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Gopher Blog is still looking for her niche

I was so excited to read all the comments on my Golden Gophers Blog Purpose post. BTW, I still haven’t heard back from the Cal Bears blogger Dave (I heard those California boys are a unique breed) – I hope he isn’t anti-Gopher – LOL!

I am still considering modeling my blog after his. One comment on my blog pointed out that the Daily Gopher does that, but when I went over there (I confess, I have never been) it looked more like a traditional all sports Gopher blog – it’s part of those SB Nation blogs. I used to know a blogger who blogged for SB Nation, they have a lot of rules, I guess. I always thought that bloggers were anti-corporation and anti-rules. Anyway, that doesn’t matter. What does matter is that I need to find a purpose for this Gopher Blog.

Another comment I loved so I am “promoting” to the front page is this one from anonymous Buck:

One niche that could attract readers is a blog that focuses on the fun side of
Gopher sports instead of stats and game reviews. A blog that is no longer
active, but was fun to read, is Bat Girl for the

Perhaps articles on
players, activities, fans, etc. from a unique female perspective could be an


I used to read bat girl all the time and she was practically famous. I am not sure I am as talented as she is, but I will consider going down that route as well. My friend Cortney writes in the Style and Sports blog and perhaps I will fashion (play on words there) my Gopher blog after hers and make this blog a little more girly. Talk about cute hair cuts and goatees, who’s working out more than others etc. Now, that sound’s like a good idea. Oooo, gotta run, the boss is coming!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Wear Gold to Gopher Football Game

The Little Brown Jug is calling for Gopher Fans to “GOLD OUT” the Metrodome!
Pull out your Gopher GOLD apparel and put it on!
Don’t wear maroon! Spread the Word!
this is good news for Gopher Gal, I have about 4 gold golden gopher t-shirts - Don't worry, I am doing my part Gopher football fans! Go Gophers! This Gopher Michigan game should rock the Metrodome! Be there! There is nothing like it! You can get Gopher Michigan Tickets from this Gopher Football Tickets web site.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Golden Gophers Blog Purpose

You know every web site (even blogs) need a purpose – I would like to redefine my Gopher Blogs purpose. I found a really interesting Cal Bears blog out there that basically gathers all the articles on the Cal Bears (Dave just does Football) on the blog in one space and then provides a link to the article and a snipet of the article so blog visitors can decide if they want to read the article in it’s entirety or not. I would like to do something like that for this blog. I wonder if I email Dave, if he has any hints. While I am waiting for his response, I will ponder what my Golden Gophers Blog Mission Statement should be. If you have a suggestion, leave it in the comments.

Gopher Blog Needs Pictures

Maybe this Gopher Site needs some pictures! My nieces’ myspace layout is all pretty with glittery graphics and fancy text, but I think a few Gopher Football action shots will be just what the blog doctor ordered.

College Sports are for me

I love the Golden Gophers of Minnesota very, very much. In fact, I don’t bleed purple or live for the Wild and I haven’t been to a Timberwolves game in a really long time. Why? Because I love college sports. There is something so invigorating about guys (and gals) playing at a division one level and playing their hearts out. Sure, some of them will make it big in the NFL, NHL or NBA and then I will despise their money grubbing ways, but right now they are college kids living on campus, going to class (I hope) and enjoying some of the best years or their lives. They play the sport because they love it and they haven’t forgotten that love or it hasn’t got lost amidst agents and contracts and bonuses.

I think I wrote this article as a reminder to why I want to keep my blog and not give up on it. Stay Tuned, Gopher Fans! More to come!

Gopher Gal is Not a Quitter

Gopher Gal has not been very active in the blogging world lately. I was going to quit, but this is such a great domain name and I still have a passion for the University of Minnesota and I know there are others out there that share my passion so I am going to trudge on for a bit longer.

I read some where that in order to have a successful blog, you need to update it every day, but that is not going to be possible for me so I am going to try and find a happy medium. I wish I was more tech savvy because then I could add more bells and whistles to this site so users could stop by more often even if I haven’t updated. I will put that on my Gopher Blog to do list. Maybe I could put a little game on here or something. I have tetris on my Windows vista sidebar, I should be able to put something fun here on the gopher site. Maybe I will have to get me teen niece to spruce it up, her myspace page is amazing – sure you can use some of that same code over here on blogger.

Don’t worry Gopher Fans, Gopher Gal is not quitter (well, at least not yet)

What would you like to see more of on this blog?