Monday, December 31, 2007

Gopher Hockey Team Disappoints Fans

The Gopher hockey team lost in the first round of the Dodge Holiday Classic tournament and disappointed Gopher fans everywhere. The boys were pretty upset as well and didn’t emerge out of the Gopher locker room for over 45 minutes and some of them hadn’t even changed yet. There were some serious long faces on fans, players and coaches alike. The Gophers have won the tournament the last 9 years and were expected to at least advance past the first round vs. Rochester Institute of Technology. The Gophers did manage to win the consolation title, beating the Air Force Falcons in an overtime shootout.

What is going on with the Gophers hockey team? Their play is sloppy and the defense is weak. The Gopher seniors need to step up and take charge of this team before it’s too late to salvage the season.

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