Thursday, May 15, 2008

Ryan Stoa Gopher Hockey Captain

Look for the number 29 Gopher hockey jersey of Ryan Stoa to wear the Gopher gold captain “C” next season. I guess I'm not that surprised. Stoa has shown leadership on the ice in both his freshman and sophomore seasons. As a freshman Ryan Stoa played in all 41 games and was definitely a leader on the ice and then again as a sophomore Stoa showed incredible talent and increasingly more leadership amongst his teammates.

Ryan Stoa has the ability to rally his troops when they are down using his own talents to get them motivated as well as his own attitude to keep his team in the game. If Ryan Stoa can come back to the Mariucci Arena ice completely healthy and with no knee issues this Golden Gopher Blog expects Stoa to make an impact on an otherwise struggling Gopher hockey team. Don Lucia is bringing in a lot of new talent this season and will look to Ryan Stoa to help lead the new guys in the Gopher hockey ways.

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