Thursday, June 19, 2008

Clint Brewster Moves Ons

There is a lot of Golden Gopher news this week and I love it! Clint Brewster has decided to transfer out of the University of Minnesota and Gopher Gal isn’t even the slightest bit surprised. This piece of news is actually a yawn fest. I never did figure out why Clint Brewster came to the Gopher football squad in the first place. You would think if your dad was the coach, he would be able to foresee your future pretty clearly on his own team. Adam Weber is the starting quarter back, he isn’t going any where. Tony Mortensen isn’t that bad and then old man Brewster recruits MarQueis Gray as well. Of course, Clint Brewster needs to go to a different team if he wants any playing time at all. Why did he come here in the first place? No one knows. Old man Brewster should have had enough sense to tell his boy that the Gopher Football team already has a solid young QB and, hey, son we are going to recruit another top name QB as well so you might want to find a team that actually needs you.

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Anonymous said...

Any news on where Clint Brewster plans to go now that his time at the U of MN is up?

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