Thursday, June 11, 2009

Eric Decker Eric Decker Eric Decker

It seems Eric Decker is all over the place these days! He got drafted by the Minnesota Twins in the MLB Entry draft this week (which is a mute point since he has NFL dreams) and he did a big Q&A interview with the Star Tribune. Here are some snippets. (my comments in parenthesis)

Q. Do you know at this point where your professional future lies (or where your personal hot bod will lie/lay)?

A. I don't. But my consistent message has been that I want to come back and play football in the fall (duh, new on-campus stadium is going to be magical), and have a summer to work out and prepare for the football season. After that, we'll see where my options lie (I wish they would stop saying lie) and which path I want to take.

Q. Will you play another season with the Gophers baseball team next spring (if he plays, I am pretty sure the Gophers will win the Big Ten next year)?

A. It's a possibility, but I don't know how likely it is. It's always there. After the football season we'll see what my options are (he must have other hopes).

Q. That sounds like if you have the type of football season you want, you'll be at the NFL combine, preparing for the draft (oh, Decker in purple sounds delicious)?

A. That's a possibility. But like I said, I'm keeping my options open (pick Gopher Gal, pick Gopher Gal!).


Kaitlyn from Lakeville said...

Eric Decker is DELICIOUS! He is amazingly hot!

In Love with Eric D said...

He is SO good-looking, I hope he stays in the Twin Cities... maybe he could be the 1st athlete to play for the Twins and the Vikings?

Cortney said...

I ♥ him. But it has been confirmed that he has a long term gf. :(

Gopher Gal said...

long-term girlfriend? bummer! well, she can't stop us from looking!

Gopher Gal said...

BTW, I think it would be AWESOME to have a dual Twins / Vikings athlete, but I don't think it is possible on many levels - scheduling, contractual, union labor laws, injury risk etc.


I used to dream Joe Mauer would play QB for the Vikings, too.

h*dizzle said...

yes he would be delish in viking purple!!!..and since coach brewster and coach childress are bffs for life maybe a deal can be worked out...*crosses fingers*

h*dizzle said...

ps gophergal email me: so i can put you on my bloglist..i had to go private because of a few haters but i am toying around with going public again! holla x0

Gopher Alumni said...

Brewster and Childress best friends? GROSS.

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