Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Gopher Football Stadium isn’t Only New Stadium in College Football this season

I don’t profess to be a big college football junkie or anything, but I thought it was interesting reading in the pio press this morning that Akron Ohio will open a new football stadium the same day (Sept 12.) as the Gopher football team opens TCF Bank Stadium.

The Akron Zips stadium will only hold 30,000 fans, while the UofM Gopher stadium will hold 50,000. Ticket prices are drastically different as well. Opening day Akron Zips Football Tickets will cost you $40 each. Right now, opening day Gopher Air Force Tickets are a minimum of $135 each from local ticket brokers. Ouch! I guess you gotta pay the big bucks in the Big Ten!

Go Gophers! Can't wait to see you play (for real!) under the sun at TCF Bank Stadium.

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Football tickets or groceries said...

Tickets are so expensive for the first few games at TCF Bank Stadium, but I think its going to be SO worth it... the pictures look great, I can't wait to see it for real!

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