Friday, November 20, 2009

Gopher Hockey wins one, loses one against Bemidiji State last weekend

The Minnesota Men's Hockey team took on rivals Bemidiji State last weekend and walked away with a win and a loss. Friday the Golden Gophers dominated the ice at Mariucci Arena walking away with a 4-1 win. They couldn't hold onto the momentum, however, and Saturday night the Minnesota Gophers lost to Bemidiji State 2-6.

Golden Gopher Hockey this season has been very back and forth, they are up and skating well one night and then turn around the next night and fall flat on their faces. If the Gopher Hockey Roster wants to skate away with some big wins this season they are going to have to build up their stamina and mental game, no more sloppy skating please!

The University of Minnesota Men's Hockey team will take on Minnesota Duluth tonight and tomorrow at Mariucci Areana. Gopher Hockey Tickets are still available for the game!


B said...

I totally hear you on the Gopher Gal, the Gopher Hockey Team needs to step it up, I want to see 2 great games in a row!

Anonymous said...

The Gopher Hockey Team SUCKS! They need to get it together. I am thinking it may be time for a new coaching staff. Don Lucia was great, but it seems like we don't have the talent like we used to - we may need a new coach in there to recruit the best players back to Minnesota.

Laura said...

Win or Lose.... (preferably win) I'm behind the Gophers %100!!!

MN Hockey Fan said...

The Gophers Hockey team has been disappointing. I am thinking of changing over to the Minnesota Wild. You can buy cheap Minnesota Wild Tickets and they look like they have more potential than the Gophs at climbing out of the basement!

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