Monday, December 21, 2009

My Gopher Gear Holiday Wish List...

Every year my letter to Santa is about the same...

1) Minnesota Golden Gophers Football Tickets
2) Season Gophers Basketball Tickets
3) Gopher Hockey Tickets
4) and LOTS and LOTS of Minnesota Gophers Gear

This year on my Holiday Wish List for Minnesota Golden Gophers Apparel is a University of Minnesota Hooded Sweatshirt, a Golden Gophers Football Jersey, and Minnesota Golden Gophers T-shirts.... Hope you are reading this family!!

Happy Holidays Gophers Fans!!


Gopher Girl said...

I asked for a pair of Gophers mittens and a matching scarf - I must have been naughty because I didn't get them )-:

Minneapolis Music Girl said...

I helped my brother clean out his room over the weekend and there were not one, but TWO Gopher jerseys that we had to send to Goodwill because they were too small - those were hard to let go!

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