Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Gopher baseball releases schedule for 2010

The Minnesota Gopher baseball team has released its schedule for the 2010 season. They will be battling it out against one-nonconference team that went to NCAA Super Regionals last year and four of their own conference teams that were apart of the NCAA Regionals last year. This shall make for an interesting season, so let’s hope they can keep their record as high as last season.

The first game of the season includes the Pro-Alumni game this Saturday! I am so pumped for the Gopher baseball season to get under way. The first actual Gopher game will be against Akron on the 19th of February in Fort Myers, Florida. They’re coming back with 20 previous players from the 2009 season, which finished 40-19 and second in the Big Ten regular-season at 17-6, before moving onto the Big Ten Tournament Championships and the final game of the NCAA Regionals.The Gophers baseball team are going to do a lot of traveling in their first few weeks back in the game, but they’re a strong team and I have a lot of faith in them.

P.S. As I said yesterday, the Minnesota baseball team will be hosting the Pro-Alumni Game this year, but I failed to mention that it’s the first time since 2007. Hope to see you all there!


Anonymous said...

its gonna be a gooood season!

kiara said...
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