Friday, April 23, 2010

Gophers fighting for the Stanley Cup

The NHL playoffs are underway and every hockey enthusiast knows what’s to come! The Stanley Cup championships! The Golden Gophers hockey team has produced six of the outstanding players squaring off this week for the gold. These six include Alex Goligoski (Penguins), Jordan Leopold (Penguins), Thomas Vanek (Sabres), Black Wheeler (Bruins), Paul Martin (Devils) and Ryan Stoa (Avalanche).

As a member of the Pitt Penguins, this is Goligoski’s second year in a row he will be fighting for the cup. Leopold, a Penguin player, used to be with the Florida Panthers until he was traded halfway through the season. Vanek is a lead player for the Sabres in goals this season, even though he missed out on eleven games for injuries. Wheeler is also a former Gopher player, and currently plays for the Boston Bruins as the third ranked scorer for the team. Paul Martin, a New Jersey Devil, and Ryan Stoa, a Colorado Avalanch player, have also earned their spot on their team’s playoff lineup.

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