Monday, August 23, 2010

Minnesota Gopher Receivers Outlook

Minnesota Gopher Troy StoudermireEric Decker is no longer a receiver for the Minnesota Gophers. Someone will have to step up and become the go-to guy for the Gophers. Juniors Brandon Green, Troy Stoudemire, and Da'Jon McKnight are expected to catch a lot of passes this season. All of them have experience and should be ready to lead the receiver corps. Senior Hayo Carpenter and sophomore Bryant Allen will also be counted on for playing time. Out of the group of 5, it will be interesting to see who becomes the Gopher's #1 wide receiver. Go Gophers!


Allison said...

It may be time for my first Gopher's game!

Gopher Junior said...

Same here, I should purchase my tickets soon.

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