Friday, September 17, 2010

Can the Minnesota Gophers Pull it Off? Why Not?

Adam Weber USC is #18 in the AP Poll coming into this weekend. Since USC is on probation and can't make a bowl game, the players are primarily playing for pride and a chance to show themselves for the NFL. The Minnesota Gophers are 1-1 and are playing USC for the first time since 1968, when O.J. Simpson used to play for the Trojans. If Minnesota can pull off the upset, it will be the biggest victory for the program in quite sometime. They will have to stop quarterback Matt Barkley. He is a solid player and can find the open guy if the defense doesn't pressure him. USC has played in 2 close first games thus far - so Minnesota should use that for some inspiration. Go Gophers!

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Derek said...

well... we now know the answer to this question.

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