Monday, December 6, 2010

Minnesota Gophers Hire Jerry Kill

Jerry KillJoel Maturi has officially hired Northern Illinois Head Coach Jerry Kill to take over the football program. As a lifelong Gopher Football fan, this move does not make much sense to me. Athletic Director Joel Maturi promised Minnesota Gopher fans "a Tubby-Smith" like hire. There were plenty of rumors surrounding who the head coach would be - from Miami's Randy Shannon, Boise State's Chris Peterson, former Texas Tech coach Mike Leach, etc. Eventually Maturi settled for Jerry Kill, who most people never have probably heard of until yesterday. Time will tell, but this hire does not score any bonus points for Minnesota Gopher fans.

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Anonymous said...

Please - Maturi is an idiot. I hope Jerry works out - but why open your big mouth about a "Tubby like hire"- obviously worried about his job,

New AD please.

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