Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Jerry Kill Brings New Attitude to Gopher Practices

I was reading an article in the Startribune the other day, and I saw something really interesting about the way new head coach Jerry Kill runs his practices. He described the style of his practices as "controlled chaos." Although that is an oxy moron, I like that Kill has the team practicing with urgency and at a fast pace.

The team has three different huddles of offense and defense huddle before each play. They have three little games going and the practices go at a never ending pace. Here's why Kill says he believes in the system:

"You learn a lot more by doing something than by standing and watching," Kill said. "We'll get everyone moving, then look at the film later."

It's a good thing they are moving at a quick pace, because these players will need to have learned a whole lot by the time they play at the colliseum against USC September 3rd.

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