Thursday, October 31, 2013

Gopher Boston College Hockey Weekend

It was another fantastic college hockey weekend as the Gophers played Boston College on Friday and Saturday. Friday nights game was a fun one to watch as the Gophers jumped in front early and took a 2-0 lead less than five monutes into the game. That got the fans attention right away! Friday nights game ended with a tie 3-3.

I was in attendence on the Sunday afternoon game when the Gophers played Boston College again, but this time with better results as the game ended with a 6-1 win. The Gopher hockey team built a 4 goal lead right away in the first period. Forwards Nate Condon and Seth Ambroz led the Gophers with a goal and assist apiece, with Condon going away with the MVP. The Gopher hockey team is stepping up on the ice and playing their game and fans are loving it!

I loved every second of the game and our seats were perfect! We sat in the cornor by the students and our seats were on the glass! We saw all 6 goals on that side of the ice. Take a peek at my picture below. I really would recommend those seats to anyone looking to go to a Gopher hockey game!

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