Thursday, April 12, 2007

Gopher Football Spring Game Success

Behind their new head football coach, Tim Brewster, the Minnesota Golden Gopher football team entered the field at the Metrodome in Minneapolis last Saturday to show a crowd of 15,000 fans where a new coaching staff and hard work at spring practice has gotten them so far.

The Gophers had a total of 5 touchdowns and averaged a 5.4 yard gain on every carry, giving the Minnesota offense a total of 391 yards for the day. Quarterbacks Tony Mortensen and Adam Weber completed 17 of 28 passes for a total of 178 combined yards. The Gopher defense, however, wouldn’t go down without a fight. Early in the second quarter Lee Campbell blocked Blake Haudan’s punt, which was quickly recovered by Haudan for no gain. The Gopher defense ended the game with sophomore T.J. Wentzel intercepting senior quarterback Mike Frankberg’s pass and returning it ten yards.

“It was outstanding.” Minnesota head football coach Tim Brewster said, “We had a celebration today in the state of Minnesota. The Minnesota Golden Gophers shared our football team with the state of Minnesota and it was awesome.”

As for what is next? “The next step for these guys is to get in the weight room, get bigger, stronger, faster and nastier,” said Brewster who is excited to get out and recruit, “We are going to get all over the state of Minnesota. We are going to get into every high school in the state.”

The Golden Gophers will kick off the regular football season in September when they host Bowling Green at the Metrodome – I can’t wait!

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