Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Brewster is the Guy for Gophers

New Minnesota Gophers football head coach Tim Brewster is serious about winning the Big Ten championship. No seriously, Tim Brewster wants to win the Big Ten title. He has nine assistants on the prowl text messaging and hounding Gopher football prospects because he knows it starts from the ground up. The text messaging phenomena is a tactic that is becoming increasingly popular amongst college football coaches, and Brewster is making sure to use it to its fullest potential. Brewster isn’t stuck in the mires of traditional football recruiting. He’s committed to use any tactic to “recruit the best players in the nation,” and that’s good news for Gopher football fans. That is if there is any that are truly die-hard. According to Tom Dienhart of Sporting News, Brewster knows about the Gophers infamous indifferent fan base. It’s just another obstacle that Tim Brewster is determined to overcome in his quest to – don’t snigger – win a Big Ten championship.

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