Monday, June 11, 2007

Gopher Hockey Player to Sit Out

I just read over on Gophers Hockey Tickets .com that Gopher center Mike Carman will sit out the first half of his sophomore year. Carmen had a stellar freshman season with the Gophers and his absence will definitely be noticed by his teammates and Gopher hockey fans. Head coach Don Lucia would not officially comment on why Carman will miss the fist half of the season, but word on the street is due to academic ineligibility. I know there have been some other Gopher hockey players that have had academic issues as well and I hope that does not become a trend for the Gopher hockey program. Mike Carman has a good thing going for him, last year he scored 9 goals and made 11 assists and was selected in the third round of the 2006 NHL Entry Draft by the Colorado Avalanche. It would be sad to see a good player like Carman lose his competitive edge due to academic hurdles. Let’s get it together gopher hockey players, both on the ice and in the classroom!

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Jim Ras said...

Thank you for posting this on Mike Carman. I was wondering why he wasn't with the team right now and hadn't seen Coach Lucia's announcement from this summer. I too hope that Mike will return soon as he is a very good player and even nicer person. At Skate with the Gophers last year he went out of his way to talk and joke around with my 8 year old son Jack about his hockey career (my son's that is). It was and still is a special memory for my son...

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