Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Gopher Football Homecoming

It has occurred to Gopher Gal that the next Gopher football game I will be attending will be homecoming on November 3rd. (after the Gophers get killed in Michigan this weekend) There are still Gopher Football Tickets left and it should be a good show just because it’s homecoming. I actually think the Gophers will put up a fight. I will be at the game in my maroon and gold (well, it’s mostly obnoxious yellow, but you get the idea) and cheering my team to a well played game. Gopher Gal wants to give props to a few other Gopher blogs out there that are far better than mine – so here’s a Golden Gopher Homecoming Shout-Out to:

Buy your Gopher Illinois Tickets today! Goooooooo Gophers!

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