Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Gopher Football Team Loses . . . Again

The Gopher football team had another disappointing loss last weekend vs. Northwestern. This may be the worst loss of the season, at least it is the worst loss emotionally for Gopher Gal because the Gophers had the win in the bag and managed to let it out with just minutes to go. At one point, the Gophers had a 21 point lead - 21 points! The final score was 49-48 after a double overtime.

The Gophers' defense gave up 589 yards, including 470 passing yards and four touchdowns – ouch! Coach Tim Brewster has some definite work ahead of him and he better step up the recruiting. Next up is NDSU at the Metrdome. The North Dakota State Bison are 6-0 and are looking forward to taking on the Gophers. The Bison will draw at least 20,000 of their own fans into the Dome. Last years match-up was a hard fought game that ended with a win for the Gophers, but just barely. This Gopher Gal hates to say it, but I am no longer sure that the Gophers can beat the Bison . . . I will see you at the Gopher game!

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Wisconsin Music Man said...

Wow, a 21 point lead? That's a major meltdown. Sorry Gopher Gal.

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