Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Gophers Basketball beats Iowa at home, but can’t handle Illinois

The Gopher basketball team rolled over the Iowa Hawkeyes on Saturday 63-50, but then lost to Illinois 60-84 yesterday at the Barn. Illinois is not a super power this year and they don’t even have a winning record, so this Gopher Gal can’t figure out what went wrong…oh yeah, the Gophers forgot where the hoop was. The Gopher mens basketball team shot a mere 20% from the field in the second half. Hello? 20% - who does that?

The Gophers have got to get a grip on scoring inconsistencies. I get the Tubby Smith defense system and the pressuring and denying passing lanes, but your team has to be able to score to win the game, too. With the loss, the Gopher mens basketball team has virtually no chance at the NCAA Tournament…my hoop dreams are over, but this Gopher Gal will still show up at Williams Arena to support her Gopher team!

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