Friday, April 18, 2008

Gophers get ready to say good-bye to the Metrodome

I am sure this will be an emotional Gopher football season as the team and the fans say good-bye to the HHH Metrodome and hello to a brand new outdoor stadium on the University campus. I also hope the season will be emotional enough to fight for a winning record or at the very least a .500 record. The gopher football team should want to leave the Metrodome in style. I know Gopher football fans will be more interested in seeing the final games at the Metrodome if the Gopher team is actually competitive this year. I know I want to go to a couple of games, but it will be interesting if Gopher Football Ticket prices will be high since it is the last season at the Dome or if they will drop because the team hasn’t given the fans much to cheer about.

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