Thursday, April 24, 2008

Gophers Football Team gets a Makeover

Really, the Golden Gopher football team has been in process of a makeover for over a year. With a new enthusiastic coach (Gopher Gal loves enthusiasm, but we better have the goods to back-up the promises) and new plays and new players. Now, the Gopher Football squad has a new uniform look, too. When I saw the boys on the news last night, I just had to laugh. They did not look very comfortable standing there in the uniforms at the press conference. I was wondering how Coach Brewster decided who would have to play super model for the day. Was it a short straw draw or a slowest lap punishment or a missed tackle percentage that got each of these guys to model their new clothes.

The new Gopher uniforms, made by Nike, feature maroon and white jerseys that can be matched with three different pant combinations - maroon, gold and white. The Gophers haven’t worn white pants since their last Big Ten Conference championship season in 1967. "Minnesota" also returns to the front of the Gopher jersey for the time since 1993.

Perhaps the uniform change will be the lucky charm we need to make it to the Rose Bowl this year? Come on, be real. We need talent and good play calling. I about cracked up when Tim Brewster said the new uniforms will make the team faster. I fully support the power of positive thinking, but let’s face it, those rose colored glasses (Rose Bowl pun intended, but if I have to point that out I guess it isn’t that clever, is it?) won’t get the job done

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