Thursday, April 23, 2009

Gopher Football Spring Game

This Saturday is the BIG day! The University of Minnesota Golden Gopher football team will be playing its first “official” game outside - this year’s Spring Game. The 2009 Spring Game will be at O’Shaughnessy Stadium on the campus of the University of St. Thomas this Saturday April 25th with a 1:30 p.m. kickoff.

The weather for Saturday doesn’t look too promising – 70% chance of rain. I wonder what the rain-out plan will be. This is a free event and Gopher fans normally flock to the event.

During the maroon and gold scrimmage, the pep band, cheerleaders and Goldy Gopher will be present to rile up the crowd. Free mini footballs will be given away and there will be a 30-minute player autograph session following the game.

Can someone get me some autographs, please????? I would like Eric Decker, Adam Weber or just about anybody would be fine!

I can’t go –boo hoo! So if any readers out there want to be super helpful, an autograph would be nice as would a couple of pictures from the event (Cortney, are you reading this?!?!)

OMG - I read this stat about the Gopher Football team today:

The Gophers haven't finished higher than fourth place in the conference since 1986, when they tied for third. In the past 12 seasons — 10 under Mason — the Gophers are 72-74 in conference games.

That’s terrible.


h*dizzle said...

i can try for eric...hes not gonna be playing but i printed out 2 nice pics of him on cardstock.hehe i was gonna give one to my friend because she wanted one of him but i can get one for you supposed to be chillin with him at some point this weekend =p

Gopher Gal said...

I am sooooooo JEALOUS . . . you better not tell e-deck's lady friend that you have his hot body on card stock!

h*dizzle said...

lol he made an appearance at sallys =p and says hello!

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