Thursday, April 9, 2009

Gopher Football Spring Practices

Why isn’t there coverage on the Gopher Football Spring practices in the newspaper? I am geeked out about the team returning to campus next season and playing at TCF Bank Stadium so I want to follow their every move to see if they are going to be competitive or not.

So far, I think the defense is coming on strong, but the offense will need some extra work (no surprise there) . . . but I am just getting that from the Gopher web site - oh wait, maybe they don’t allow the press at the spring practices (I think I read that somewhere once) – that would explain the lack of coverage.

SAVE THE DATE: Gopher Spring Game APRIL 25th outside at St Thomas University…be there! It’s free and it’s a great time to celebrate the maroon and gold. I hope they have Gopher gear for sale!


h*dizzle said...

yahh so excited about spring game! i just dont have my outfit planned yet...good news, i have areliable source that tells me edeck is gonna be back for football in the fall!

Gopher Gal said...

Thanks H-Dizz for the comment and the Info on Decker - YES - the GFB will need him! Besides, how could he pass up playing at the new stadium, right?

h*dizzle said...

totally!!that stadium is gonna be soooooo amazing! r u coming to spring game?! cortney and i are tailgating with some of my friends..u r more than welcome to join in!

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