Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Excitement Builds: USC's Arrival at TCF Bank

USC prepares to take the field in 2009
The University of Southern California will be migrating to Minneapolis on September 18. Simply put, most Gopher fans have viewed this matchup as just another instance that could end in embarrassment. However, due to USC's seemingly mediocre season last year as well as their recent violations, Minnesota may have a better chance than people give them credit for. As a lifelong Gopher football fan, I believe this game gives Minnesota a chance to give immediate credit for the program. In recent seasons, the program has had several embarrassing moments (14-13 Loss to Iowa State in 2009, 55-0 Loss to Iowa in 2008, 27-21 Loss to North Dakota State in 2007, etc.) that has tested the loyalty of the fans for the Maroon and Gold. If Minnesota were to defeat USC, Minnesota could get back some much needed pride and recognition that could help fans forget about some of the recent setbacks. Having an established powerhouse as USC visit Dinkytown should be enough for any fan to want to attend TCF Bank Stadium. If Minnesota were to defeat the Trojans, it would be a huge win that could boost confidence for the always challenging Big 10 schedule.

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