Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sam Maresh Leaves U

After working his way back from heart surgery to play for the Gophers, Sam Maresh will be leaving the Gophers for academic reasons. Maresh will be attending a local community college, but it still might be possible for him to return to the Gophers once he improves his grades at the community college. Maresh went through a surgery to replace a heart valve in 2008 and red shirted last season but went to spring practices and was competing for a starting position on the football team. Maresh really hopes he can rejoin the team, but the former local high school star must get his grades up first.


joven said...

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Katie said...

I am bummed that Sam Maresh didn't live up to his potential or at the very least live up to the hype. He could have had a great future with the Gophers.

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