Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Adam Weber Signs with Denver Broncos, Reuinites with Eric Decker

Former Golden Gopher quarterback Adam Weber was unable to sign with an NFL team for five months, but made a quick decision Tuesday morning. This morning, at 9 am, Adam Weber signed with the Denver Broncos. Here's what Weber had to say about signing with the Broncos:

"It's really crazy. I had a few good options, and I had to look at them really quickly and make a decision so I can get to work," Weber said. "Teams have different motivations that you have to figure out -- like some are just looking for an extra arm for camp -- but it wasn't hard. When I looked at the Broncos, it was kind of a no-brainer."

Weber started every single game during his four years as a Gopher. He performed admirably in his first two seasons, but struggled mightily through the last two seasons. A lot of that success in the beginning of his career had to do with Eric Decker, so hopefully he can rediscover what made him great by reuniting with Decker.

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