Friday, July 1, 2011

What Malcolm Moulton Brings to the Gophers

As I wrote about earlier, Malcolm Moulton is a new wide receiver for the Minnesota Gophers. One of new Gophers head coach first courses of action was to get Moulton on the team. Moulton came to the gophers from Fort Scott Community College in Kansas. He hails from Georgia and has blazing speed. Here's what Jerry Kill had to say about going after Moulton:

"I knew once I got here and saw the morning workouts that we didn't have a lot of speed and guys who can make some plays," Kill said. "We certainly hope [Moulton] can establish some things. He can run. Hopefully he can adapt to our system."

Hopefully Moulton provides the Gophers with a game changer who can make some big plays for a team that was seriously lacking in big plays last season and during the Tim Brewster era.

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