Thursday, September 29, 2011

Coach Kill Returns to Gophers Practice

Coach Kill is back!

After four days of testing at May clinic, Coach Kill is back on the field working with the Gophers again with a more effective medication.

Kill's seizures continued on a regular basis until he spent the four days at Mayo, under the supervision of a branch of doctors who rank with the best epilepsy experts in the world.

The first practice following Kill's returned was closed to all media, despite the normal protocol of having the first 20 minutes open. Apparently Kill was as upset about the Minnesota loss to NDSU as Gopher fans were. Kill gave the team a piece of his mind as well as sitting down with the seniors and urging them to maintain perseverance.

We will see how effective Kill's return to the home base is when the Gophers play at Michigan this weekend.


Paul Carter said...

Purdue plays Minnesota next week and I was wondering if you would like to swap questions with one another regarding the game next week. Check out my site and contact me if you would be interested. I would like a Gopher input on the game. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

minnesota needs a new coach, minnesota will not win another game this year

a bad choice was Jerry Kill, need someone that can turn this around, not in 5 years, but now

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