Thursday, September 22, 2011

North Dakota State Bison Know How to Party

With Coach Kill back on the field after a short stint in the hospital following a seizure on the field at TCF Bank, the Gophers are looking to pick up another win at home this weekend against North Dakota.

North Dakota comes to town this weekend and apparently there could be as many as 20,000 North Dakota State fans coming with the team. Holy smokes. There have been more than 1,000 nights at five downtown hotels.

On Friday night, Bison fans will gather at the Depot in downtown, where dueling pianos will take requests. On Saturday morning, those same fans will head to the State Fairgrounds for a massive midday tailgating party.

I don't know who these fans think they are, but I like them a lot. They know how to party.

Let's get our act together Gopher fans.

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