Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Tubby Smith's Contract Extended!

Minnesota Gopher basketball Coach, Tubby Smith's contract has been extended through the 2016-17 season! On Tuesday, Smith said his contract extension will keep his pay the same: $1.75 million a year. His new contract also added three years to the two remaining on his previous contract, but he didn't get a pay raise, like he wanted. 

What does this mean for the Gopher team?

Smith thinks it's a good thing.  "I can genuinely say, 'Look fellas, I'm here.' For kids we sign this year or next year, I'll be here. Nobody knows whether you'll be here for certain or not because a lot of things can happen. But you expect to be here because you have a contract extension." 

Now let's see some wins on the board! 

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MM said...

Smith has proven to be able to consistently win at a program that has never been known for winning (legally). I believe the extension is fantastic news for the Gophers. If we can avoid the injury bug, win some games in the Bahamas, and tiptoe through the conference schedule without too much damage, this season could truly be special.

We could use this season as a springboard in recruiting Tyus Jones and Rashad Vaughn. If those two come to the U, Tubby might have something truly rare on his hands. (Disclaimer: Tyus coming to Minnesota is extremely unlikely but us Gopher fans have to dream, right?)

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