Thursday, August 9, 2012

Golden Gopher Football!

Hey remember when...... Tubby Smith offered Jimmy Williams an assistant coaching position shortly after Smith became head coach at Minnesota? Williams then quit as an assistant coach at Oklahoma State University in 2007 because he truly believed that Tubby Smith had hiring authority. Oops, this obviously fell through after Minnesota's athletics director, Joel Maturi, learned that Williams was cited for multiple major NCAA rules violations when he worked as a Golden Gophers assistant coach from 1971 to 1986.

Well, yesterday, on Wednesday, the Minnesota Supreme Court overturned a $1 million award against the University of Minnesota and men's basketball coach Tubby Smith. The court ruled that even though they did treat Williams unfairly, the University of Minnesota shouldn't be held financially responsible for backing out of a job offer that Smith lacked the authority to make.

I mean, one million dollars is kinda a lot of money.

So, watch it, Tubby. You got out of this one easily. Be careful, we don't need you making a mess of things this season.

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