Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Gopher Football Team Wins!

Gopher Gal went to the Gophers football game last Saturday and I have to say that it was one of the most on the edge of your seat games I have ever been to. The Gophers played Miami (Ohio) at the Metrodome and managed to pull off an emotional 41-35 victory after three overtime periods.

I was only one of over 45,000 screaming maroon and gold fans that held their breath at the Dome on Saturday as the Gophers’ offense took to the field first in the second overtime and moved the ball to the Miami 2-yard line. The drive lost steam and Minnesota was forced to attempt a 26-yard field goal which Jason Giannini pushed wide left. I heard several Gopher fans say, “well our kicker missed, but theirs won’t so lets just leave.” This Gopher Gal is glad she stuck it out because the Miami Redhawks rushed four consecutive plays, needing only to score to capture the win, but they went no further than the Gophers’ 10-yard line. The Miami kicker then lined up for a 33-yard potential game winning goal which sailed wide right.

In the third overtime, Senior cornerback Jamal Harris made his second interception of the game, ending the RedHawks’ drive in the final overtime period. Amir Pinnix made the final touchdown to win the game for the Golden Gopher football team. Pinnix finished with 126 yards on 28 carries, his fifth consecutive game with over 100 yards. Gopher Gal thought Adam Weber and Ernie Wheelwright looked solid for the Gophers, but I think Wheelwright is more successful when he catches and runs on the side of the field vs. the center. I hope Brewster sees that in the tapes and adjusts some of the Wheelwright play options to the right side. Tim Brewster announced that Gopher kicker Jason Giannini lost his role on the Gopher football team and this Gopher fan is happy. The Gopher offense needs a lineup of strong players and that includes the kicker.

Next up is a trip to Florida to take on Florida Atlantic on noon on Saturday. The Gopher team departs Thursday night and let’s hope Tim Brewster can add to his first victory with a road win. Gopher Nation is alive and well!

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