Thursday, September 27, 2007

Gopher Hockey Ranked #2

With the Minnesota Wild Preseason off to a rolling start, it is never too early to talk about Gopher Hockey (besides Gopher Hockey Tickets were mailed out last week). I see the forces that be are naming the Golden Gopher Hockey team as the number 2 team this year in the WCHA. Well, we will just have to see about that. I am not debating the fact that North Dakota will be tough, but the Gophers will be equally competitive and listed as number two their Fighting Sioux rivals will only make the Gopher Hockey team want “it” more. Here are the results:

2007-08 Preseason WCHA Coaches' Poll
School (1st Place Votes), Points
1. North Dakota (7), 79
2. Minnesota (3), 74
3. Colorado College, 55
4. Denver, 53
5. Wisconsin, 52
6. St. Cloud State, 43
7. Michigan Tech, 41
8. Minnesota Duluth, 23
9. Minnesota State, Mankato, 19
10. Alaska Anchorage, 11

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