Thursday, January 10, 2008

Gophers Basketball Wins at Williams Arena . . .again!

The big sports story on the University of Minnesota campus is definitely the Gopher mens basketball team. The Gopher team led by Tubby Smith are hot hot hot! The Gophers beat the Northwestern Wildcats last night at The Barn 82-63 – there were a number of stand out plays and players, but Gopher Gals favorite was definite the string of three pointers by Blake Hoffarber – he was on fire!!!! He sunk 5 for 5 and the Wildcats coach just shook his head in disbelief. There is something special about a nice long shot, I think I like the 3 pointer more than I like a convincing slam dunk, there is something beautiful about a ball sailing through the air and hitting the hoop and swishing through the net.

The Gopher basketball team has a tough Conference Schedule ahead of them, but I wouldn’t count them out of the big games and be sure to buy a Gopher Basketball ticket so you can have a front and center view of the action. Go Gophers!!!!!!


Tommy in Kentucky said...

I would like to say congratulations to the Minnesota Men's Basketball program for their hot start. I believe it goes to the credit of the biggest class act in all of college basketball... Tubby Smith. He is a man of honor and integrity and the way he was treated here in Kentucky was undeserved and uncalled for. The program here has taken a step backward and I don't mean on the court. Losing a leader like Tubby can cripple a program and I think the type of man that he is shows in the players. He is an amazing man of character. Congratulations Minnesota!!! YOU have one of the best men in the game teaching and coaching your young men. I will always be a Tubby fan and I wish him all the best.

Gopher Gal said...

Thanks for the comment Tommy - I agree completely!!!!! Tubby Smith has already earned my respect as a great leader here in Minnesota. To see him in action at Williams Arena puts this Gopher fan in a state of awe. Go Gophers!

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