Monday, January 28, 2008

Gophers Hockey Team Disappoints Again

The Gophers hockey team lost to the Wisconsin Badgers at the Kohl Center in Madison last Friday 1-3. Kohl Center was alive and well in a sea of red Badger jerseys and the maroon and gold came out flat. Wisconsin is not a better hockey team, I just don’t understand these Gophers. I was mostly surprised that coach Don Lucia didn’t look more fired up about the game. I was shouting for the Gophers to shoot the puck about a million times. I just don’t know what they are thinking sometimes.

Saturday night the Gophers tied the Badgers 2-2. For most of the game I was certain the Gophers were going to split the series and win the Saturday night match-up, but the Badgers just rubbed salt into the wounds of our ailing Gophers by scoring two goals in the third. The Gopher hockey team has been pathetic in the third period this year. Coach Lucia has got to do something to turn that around..more conditioning, more or less line changes – something! You can’t just keep doing the same things over and over and expect the outcome to be different.

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