Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Gopher Recap because I am back

Gopher Gal was Missing In Action . . . and a lot of action I missed! But I AM BAAAACK (in my best Terminator voice)

The Gopher Football team let me down on New Years Eve with the depressing loss to Kansas. I was so pumped in the first quarter when the teams looked evenly matched, but things turned ugly fast and the Gophers just weren’t able to contend. Two new Gopher football coordinators next year might help. We need to work a bit more on a spread run offense to keep EDeck (Eric Decker for the not so casual fan) from being double covered every play. When you have no running game, the defense just backs up and gets ready to intercept and cover receivers deep. Poor EDeck can only do so much with two bodies and four arms all over him.

Gopher Hockey continues to delight me. I read my blogging friend Cortney over at Style and Sports went to a Gopher Hockey game last weekend. I am jealous. I think she should hook her cousin Clay and I up – he loves hockey and so do I (oh yeah, I am married, but who knows for how much longer, a girl has to have options)

Gopher Basketball is exciting as ever. I watched the Saturday game vs. Ohio State Buckeyes and the Gophers totally rocked. I even bought my dad a Tubby Time t-shirt, he will be so excited. He loves the Gophers as much as I do, I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

BTW – I didn’t get any of the Gopher gifts I wanted – I hate to sound like such a snob, but I threw a fit over the mittens – I really wanted those! Husbands Suck!


Cortney said...

Gopher Football still did exponentially better than last year, even with the disappointing loss on NY.

Gopher Hockey Thanks for the shoutout! And HEY NOW MARRIED GOPHER GAL!! He's only 22. Don't be getting any ideas over there.... haha, jk.

Gopher Basketball The game vs. Ohio State was AWESOME! I was just talking to a good client of mine about the GOphers this morning, and convinced him to get one of the Tubby Time tees that you got for your dad when he goes to his next game!!

P.S. That sucks about the mittens. You should just go get yourself a pair of mittens to make up for it. And a scarf to match. :)

h*dizzle said...

i agree cortney on the gopher football-we are making progress..slowly!!lol and atleast we won more than one game!!!!!

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