Thursday, July 30, 2009

For Sale: Williams Arena Floor

The Historic Williams Arena, where the Minnesota Golden Gophers Men's and Women's basketball teams have hit the hardwood since 1928 is being auctioned off. As renovations to Williams Arena takes place and the the new floor is scheduled to be put in August 28th, pieces of the old floor are being sold to fans as keepsakes of the famous hardwood. This Gopher Gal would LOVE a piece of the floor but can't afford it because I'm saving up for Golden Gopher Football Tickets in the New TCF Bank Stadium!

If you are lucky enough to have tickets and buy memories, the floor is being sold on placks for $200 with either a men's or women's basketball photo. The auction for the floor is going on at the Gopher Sports homepage.


Anonymous said...

what the heck britney? stop spamming the comments on all the blogs!

Marie said...

Yeah Britney, stop! JK

I bought my piece of the floor!

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