Thursday, July 9, 2009

Golden Gopher Hockey player skates with the Canucks

Jordan Schroeder, a center for the Golden Gophers, was drafted by the Vancouver Canucks earlier this month and started skating in the prospects camp on Wednesday. Although Schroeder's father is paying to have him there (in order to protect his NCAA eligibility, it is most likely Schroeder will skate another season with the Gophers) there are no doubters that he deserves to be there.

Former Gopher teammate and now member of the Canucks roster, Patrick White explained that Schroeder despite being small for his position is a great player and would fit in well on the Canucks team.

It is unlikely that Schroeder will skate in the rookie and main training camp in September, choosing instead to return to Minnesota and complete another year at the U, but some critics are predicting that this Gopher won't wear gold and maroon for much longer.


gophernation said...

ugh. i just get all cranky every time i think about my... i mean our...boy schroeder going to play for those stupid canucks. :(

Wish he was here said...

Same here, i know that the team is probably respectable and all but i just feel that a Minnesota home-grown boy should stay and play Minnesota hockey...

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