Thursday, July 16, 2009

Preseason predictions are out

Golden Gophers reciever running the ball
Today is a good day in this Gopher Gal's world... the preseason predictions for NCAA football came out this week. While I know that most of the predictions are not researched and conducted in a scientific fashion, I still think it is fun to see how our boys are going to stack up.

And the survey says: Things are looking good. Multiple reviewers said that with 17 returning starters, including almost the entire offensive side the Golden Gophers should be positioned to do even better than they did last season. For sure in their favor is the fact that the Adam Weber-Eric Decker duo is back and with another season of experience under their belts, they can only get better.

My boys do have a tough schedule this season, facing Ohio State, Penn State and Iowa on the road and critics say that even though we do have returning starters and a roster full of experience, the Golden Gophers still may need a season or two to build before they are true Big 10 title contenders... In my opinion we are already there.


B said...

With Eric Decker leading the team there is no way we won't play in the postseason!

Cortney said...

New stadium = extra pressure, but extra adrenaline, too. They're going to have SO MANY Gopher fans out there cheering for them!!

Anonymous said...

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