Thursday, October 1, 2009

Eric Decker is SO HOTT!

Yes, I know that Hot is spelled with one T but when it comes to my favorite receiver on the Minnesota Golden Gophers Roster, he just simply deserves a second T... Heck, I would give him an extra H and O if he wanted it...

Check out these pictures I found of E-deck and then try and tell me that he isn't the best looking Gopher that has ever pulled on a maroon uniform!

Eric Decker talking to the press like he is already a pro
Talking to the press like he is already a pro...

eric decker on the field

Look at that skill, this boy can MOVE

Eric Decker as a high school football star

Eric as a high school football star... he was even hot when the rest of us were awkward!

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decker<3er said...

1000% agree! in interviews i can never seem to concentrate on what he's saying...:)

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