Thursday, October 8, 2009

Upcoming Minnesota Golden Gophers Events

Are you a Minnesota Golden Gophers Fan? Are you Bored? Have some extra-cash? If you answered yes than you should check out the upcoming Minnesota Golden Gophers events and make your way to at least a few of them! My thoughts are, who needs extra cash anyway? Why not buy Gophers Tickets to all of the upcoming events!

Friday October 9th:
Volleyball vs. Ohio State
Women's Hockey @ Ohio State
Women's Tennis @ Northwestern
Men's Tennis @ Harvard Invitational

Saturday October 10th:
Football vs. Purdue (Homecoming)
Women's Hockey @ Ohio State

Sunday October 11th:
Soccer @ Purdue
Volleyball vs. Penn State

Monday October 12th:
Men's Golf @ Allistair Mackenzie
Women's Swim & Dive vs. Intrasquad
Men's Swim & Dive vs. Intrasquad Meet
Men's Hockey @ North Dakota
Women's Hockey vs. Minnesota Duluth

Don't miss a minute of Gopher Action!!

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B said...

I wouldn't call my cash "extra" but I will be at some of these Gopher events FOR SURE! Any idea which will be the best buys?

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