Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Looks like I will be playing a nurse this Halloween as Eric Decker is out with a leg injury

Eric Decker playing before his injury at the Ohio State Game My heart skipped a beat last weekend, then it skipped a few more as Eric Decker, the love of my Gopher Centered Life, came off of the football field at Ohio State injured. What appeared to be an ankle injury at the time reportedly as Eric on Crutches and me running for my nurses uniform. Reports are unclear how long Eric Decker will be listed as injured on the Gophers Roster or what will be needed to repair the damage done to his lower left leg, all I know is that if he is in need of a little TLC, I'm his girl!

Get Well Soon Eric!

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Gopher Fan said...

I LOVE ERIC DECKER - I wish he could have been more of a factor for the Gophers at the end of the season. He definitely needed you as a nurse, Gopher Gal - - but you would have to fight me for the job.

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